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New Year's in Copacabana

The exciting traditions and celebrations of the Copacabana Reveillon, or the New Year's Eve on the beaches of Copacabana.

Brazilian celebrations always have twinkling eyes and an anticipation of something new. Every year, people from all over the world go to the most popular shores of Brazil to experience the amazing glory of the Reveillon as it'' called in Brazil, or if you prefer, the New Year's Reveillon celebration, especially in Copacabana. As you may know, Copacabana is the official party and celebration headquarter for the New Year'sin Rio de Janeiro. Plus, Copacabana is the most famous beach in the city.

Popularized by mainstream media and vastly followed by multitudes of people every year, this beach has a 4 stretched kilometers of impeccable shores with space enough for thousands and even millions of people. The New Year's Reveillon in Copacabana is popular for a number of reasons. First, this location is a notable place where popular artists like Rod Steward and Lenny Kravitz had attracted a downpour of audiences, both local and international, to celebrate life and music. However, it is the most anticipated event for the New Year's celebrations, and goes from the eve of the event to the next morning.

New Year's in Copacabana, Rio

The New Year's Eve in Copacabana is known by the strict rule of wearing white clothing. It is not mandatory but if you wear an outfit of a different color you will certainly look a little odd and uninformed. This has been a tradition in every New Year's Eve in Rio, specifically in Copacabana, and there is a very important reason for wearing white. This is a meaningful aspect in the celebration as this portrays the welcoming of the New Year with the expectations and hopes for peace and prosperity. The people by the beach prepare little handmade boats every New Year's in Copacabana, and load them with offerings, aiming to please Iemanja, the goddess of the water, so she can provide them with the prosperity for the coming year. While this happens, there are rituals and dances happening to celebrate the coming year in a more spiritual manner.

Along the streets of Copacabana, you can find tons of street celebrations and a lot of fun and colorful street dances and parties while people dance the popular samba and all kind of music. There are also open air concerts and the pubs, as well as the bars near the beach are always open to offer the local and the international audience an opportunity to party in true Brazilian style.

From 6pm until about 8am, the streets and main roads coming and going to the location are closed to give room for the celebration and the millions of people watching the New Year's in Copacabana. It is a real party unlike anything you have ever experienced in your life, a real celebration of life in the most colorful, explosive and flamboyant ways. Welcoming New Year's in Copacabana should be in your itinerary for the following year, if you never had the chance to participate. For those looking for real fun and excitement, these celebrations will truly give you an inspiring view and new hope for a better year. From the traditional celebrations to the impeccable parties, banquets and fireworks, the New Year's in Copacabana will truly surprise you. Go ahead and make some preparations now, you will surely have a blast alone, with your friends or your special someone, going to this annual event!

Come enjoy the Reveillon celebration. The New Years in Copacabana is a spiritual event you will never forget.

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