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New Year's Traditions in Rio, Brazil

The Important Role of New Year's Eve Traditions in Rio de Janeiro

We all know that the New Year's Eve in Rio de Janeiro is the most celebrated one in the whole world. Millions of people from several places around the world meet up and experience the majestic fireworks across kilometers of beaches all around Rio de Janeiro’s shores, especially in Copacabana. Members of the gay community are found at the location since Rio is considered one of the most gay-friendly sites in the world. The joy of the New Year's celebration Rio-style is filled with parties and amazing experiences that will shock you if you have not yet experienced something like that before. However, there are some important aspects of the celebration that tourists might be missing out, what makes this a genuine Brazilian New Year's style.

Tradition on clothes

White is the base outfit for anyone coming in for New Year's Eve in Rio. It is not mandatory, you should not be wearing a color more predominant than white. However, since white is a bit light, you can use traditional accent colors for the bikini, trunks and undergarments. The different colors attract different kinds of luck. White is of course about peace. Green means good health. Yellow pertains for money. Red is to attract passion and romance. Purple denotes inspiration. Choosing the right underwear will make you look good and trendy. Remember, Brazil is the home of some of the most popular supermodels and current faces of many houses and you would not want to be caught dead in a nasty outfit.

New Year's Traditions

Tradition on Food

Food is everything in New Year's Eve in Rio. Eating the right kinds of food products will ensure a more prosperous year ahead and it will surely give you tons of appreciation of the culture and the diversity of products that can be found in this place. For the New Year's Eve in Rio, Lentils are very important staples. This food means health and it is of course something you would want most especially after an expensive trip. Pork and fish are specific food choices since these are foods that move forward.

By midnight, you have to eat 7 pieces of raisins. Do not throw the seeds though. Keep it in your wallet and you will surely have money in that wallet all the time.

The offerings for the sea

Iemanja is a popular goddess in the Brazilian myths and she is the deity that has control over the waters. It is important to appease her with gifts such as flowers on New Year's day or the day before. If you are in the beach, light some candles and throw flowers toward the sea. There are some that make a small flotation device to put in bouquets of flowers as well as material goods. They say that if the goods were sent back, they were not accepted. It is fine. You can try it out again next time! It is a very spiritual thing based on the past and this tradition has been in existence even before the country had transformed Christianity in the predominant religion.

Other kinds of Traditions

Good luck can increase if you jump over 7 different waves while making your New Year's wishes, one for each wave. This will make your wishes possible and your luck better for the coming year. If you have celebrated the New Year's Eve in Rio out of the beach, you can jump 3 times with your right foot or you can also use a stool and climb down using your right feet first. If you want to increase your luck in love, make sure that the first person you greet when the New Year comes is someone of the opposite sex.

Remember, the best experience of the New Year's Eve in Rio will not be complete without these amazing traditions that will make it much more than just partying all night long.

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