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New Year's 2017 : New Year Payment Plan

Samba Payment Plan: Your New Year's Package Made Easy.

rio-de-janeiro-new-years-09-brazil-bookers-01Plan ahead for your New Year's trip to Brazil. Our Samba Payment Plan will get you going.

Every year we see the same stories happen over and over again: you daydream about that perfect trip to Brazil for New Year's time.
You call several travel agents and visit a couple of websites. You make your decision to go. You shop around. It looks pretty expensive. You decide to wait a bit. Shop around a bit more...And the price keeps getting higher and higher until everything is sold out.

newyears-brazil.com has given this story a happy ending. Book early, secure the lowest price possible and have up to 5 times to pay. Here's how it works:

The Lowest Price Possible
We know that a trip to Rio for New Year's is sometimes more expensive than you would expect.  Being among the best parties on the planet, everyone wants to be there.
At newyears-brazil.com, we negotiate hotels and airfare rates more than a year in advance in order to be able to offer you Rio’s, New Year's' Packages at the lowest possible price.

Secure The Price. Travel For Less
We have rooms reserved and sometimes prepaid at hotels in Rio de Janeiro at incredible prices. But they won't last forever. We offer you the ability not only to travel for less, but also to lock and secure the best price of your Package, by booking early. That's a smart choice when we know that these packages will tend to have prices increased in up to 50% as dates approach, if  even available. rio-de-janeiro-new-years-09-brazil-bookers-02

5 times to Pay with No Interest
newyears-brazil.com offers you the Samba Payment Plan in which you have up to 5 times to pay for your trip. You will be all set to travel before you even know it. Remember, the entire package has to be paid in full before November 2016 for New Year's..

The Earliest, the Better
by July 2016 - Pay in 5 installments - from July 2016 thru November 2016
Book by August 2016 - Pay in 4 installments - from August 2016 thru November 2016
Book by September 2016 - Pay in 3 installments - from September 2016 thru November 2016
Bookings after October 1st, 2016 will pay full at the time of booking.

Yes, It’s Refundable! rio-de-janeiro-new-years-09-brazil-bookers-03
We’re the only tour operator to accept cancellations on New Year's Packages. Packages are transferable and partially refundable when you cancel your reservation before October 31, 2016. See Terms and Conditions below.

Payment Methods
Payments can only be made by cash, credit card, personal or corporate checks, money orders and cashier's checks.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Offer valid while rooms last.
  2. The following policy is effective for all New Year's related travel: If the land portion of the package is canceled prior to September 30, 2016, an 80% refund can be applied for. While, if cancellation occurs prior to October 31, 2016, a 60% refund can be applied for. Thereafter, no refund can be processed. newyears-brazil.com will charge you a $50 per person late fee if any payment is received by our corporate office after the specified due date. We also reserve the right to charge a $35 returned check fee if any check is returned by your bank for any reason.
  3. newyears-brazil.com will cancel any reservations for which it has not received part of the payment after 60 days of due date. In this case, no refund is due.
  4. Travel documents including tickets and vouchers will be issued only after full prepayment is received.
  5. Instructions
    Download our Samba Payment Plan form by clicking here to download in PDF.
    Payments can be made by cash, credit card, personal or corporate checks, money orders and cashier's checks. Additionally, you must fill out our Credit Card Form for payment with Credit Card. Copy of a VOID blank check is required for payment with Checks. Payments will be processed automatically at dates agreed at the Samba Payment Plan form.