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Why New Year's Eve is So Special

The Spiritual Connection of New Year's Eve in Rio de Janeiro.

The biggest party in the world is not only about fireworks, parties and having fun all night long. The New Year's Rio de Janeiro, stripped off with all the colors and explosions as well as loud music and suggestive dances is a very spiritual and peaceful celebration. That’s what makes the New Year's in Rio much more unique, exciting and spiritual than anywhere else in the world. Truly special.

It is known that Brazil is a large Catholic country but it also has its own share of pagan cultures, deities and pantheons from their initial civilizations. One of the most enduring icons of this culture is Iemanja. She is the goddess of the water and every year, millions of people, from the locals to the international tourists celebrate New Year's in Rio by giving gifts of flowers and other items to this famous goddess, throwing that in the water, in this case the sea. This is a tradition that has been part of the celebration of New Year's in Rio for manyyear's.

Why New Year's Eve is So Special

New Year's is a very important celebration in a global scale. In traditional and in industrialized countries, celebrations of New Year's deal with the hope for a better and more prosperous year to come. The idea of the New Year's Eve in Rio is the same, but it is celebrated in a very prominent special way. The shores of Rio, especially Copacabana, are filled with more than 2 million people. They offer gifts of material belongings and also flowers, floating it towards the sea and then they can witness how the goddess Iemanja accepts the gifts. If the gift do not go back ashore, then it means that the goddess will provide a good and bountiful future for the people. Fishermen also fish during the New Year's Eve in Rio because this is considered the most bountiful night to fish throughout the whole year. The celebration is very spiritual and it is made even more impeccable with the inclusion of one more tradition.

It is part of the tradition during the New Year's in Rio to wear white. It is not mandatory but no one usually wears an outfit of a different color in this event, since they will surely look like a sore in a sea of white clad men and women across the shores. The white outfit symbolizes that the people want a peaceful, more prosperous or lovely year ahead. This kind of tradition could be similar to the other countries where people wear polka dots or even red. It is a very interesting part of the culture how color can actually appeal as a symbolism of renewal and cleansing.

The offering of gifts and flowers to Iemanja during the New Year's Eve in Rio is a definitely spiritual celebration with the inclusion of traditional slow dances and other celebrations that makes the event more unique, more highly anticipate and surely a fun way to celebrate in a whole new level. One should definitely consider going to this event to have a completely new appreciation of the New Year's. Plan the 2016 New Year's Eve in Rio. You will feel as special as the big celebration.

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