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New Year's Activities

Time is truly rewarding: how to experience Rio de Janeiro Around New Year's time

The saying says that time well spent is time that is well rewarded. New Year's is a celebration attached to the passing of the old time, to welcome a new one. With Brazil as the background, especially Rio de Janeiro, the experience of the New Year's celebration is truly magical. From the traditional to the most exciting events, New Year's Eve in Rio captures the unique Brazilian experience as a whole. You will truly realize that time is well rewarded by planning well your day during your entire trip, while waiting for the biggest moment of the day. Try going to these amazing sights and maybe you can figure out the best options for you besides the celebration, and that is spontaneous fun and mega rewarding.

Christ the Redeemer

The Corcovado is one of the most iconic monuments in Rio, which can be seen from all over the South Zone of the city. The Cristo Redentor, also known as Christ the Redeemer, is a symbol of the Christian faith, and is not only popular to Christians and Catholics worldwide but also those people who want to view this magnificent statue that is at the top of the Corcovado mountain. Besides the statue, this is also a great way of having a panoramic view of Rio de Janeiro and pinpoint the next place you want to visit while you wait for the New Year's Eve celebration.

New Year's Activities

Sugar Loaf

The Sugar Loaf Mountain is another iconic spot of the city. Formed by 2 mountains at the Guanabara Bay and it is called as such because of its resemblance to the fancy delicacy. These are the most fantastic monolithic hills found around Rio. From up there you have an amazing view of the whole city. This is also a great place to go to if you are looking for an active adventure while waiting for the New Year's Eve., since it is also a rock climbing destination and has various lengths and distances to challenge the most adventurous.


Buzios is a great place for parties and cruise ship events. This is a popular resort town approximately 2 hours from Rio de Janeiro that was popularized by the famous French actress Brigitte Bardot. A statue was made for her and it can be found along the main street known as the Orla Bardot (Bardot shore). Buzios is a very exciting party destination and is popular to Brazilian people, and also to the Argentines. Aside from the parties and the popular night life, Buzios is also a great place to surf and practice water sports. It is also a popular bay where some cruise ships make a pit stop.


Copacabana is the most popular tourist location in Rio de Janeiro and especially during the New Year's Eve in Copacabana, everyone is partying there, inside and outside. This beach has a 4 kilometer stretch shoreline that can hold up to 2 million people. During the New Year's celebration, popularly known as Reveillon, parties are everywhere, at the hotels, bars and clubs, all full of energy. The hotels offer amazing treats for their guests if they join the party. But anyway, at midnight a lot of people from all over the world go to the beach to give their offerings to Iemanja. That’s the main point of the celebration. 


Ipanema is the famous beach where the song “The girl from Ipanema” was composed. It is a thriving location in Rio, so it is also an expensive place to stay in. Thriving since it is actually known for being a cultural neighborhood, holding a lot of theaters, fancy stores and restaurants, where difference kinds of experiences can be felt. You would surely want to take advantage of that also because is just adjacent to Copacabana, you can go walking. That’s why Ipanema is also majestic place to watch the fireworks on the New Year's Eve, and less crowd than Copacabana.

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