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Copacabana Beach is the highlight of any Visit to Rio de Janeiro.


Copacabana is undoubtedly the most famous place in Rio. Think of Brazil and the first place that comes to mind is Copa. The neighborhood is home to the many of the rich and famous and certainly warrants all the attention it receives. The favorite destination of tourists, Copa has a wide range of hotels, bars and nightclubs for all tastes, as well as a variety of restaurants that serve some of the finest traditional cuisine.

Copacabana is well known for its beaches that offer a spectacular view of Sugar Loaf and Christ the Redeemer.  The neighborhood is just 20 minutes away from downtown Rio and right next to the main tourist points in the city. The district is virtually synonymous with Rio de Janeiro and has already hosted major events such as the Rolling Stones concert and the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra among others. The famous New Year's Eve Party at the beach is attended by more than 1.5 million people, who compare the celebrations with the Rio Carnival.

Copacabana Beach is the highlight of any Visit to Rio de Janeiro.

Tourist Attractions

Copacabana has plenty of tourist hotspots. While in the neighborhood, you must drop in for breakfast or lunch at Confetairia Colombo located in Fort of Copacabana. Apart from its cuisine, the restaurant offers a great view of the sea. Confetairia is frequented by Rio’s affluent, so you can expect to see a couple of celebrities sitting next to you. In the Fort of Copacabana area, you can visit the "Museu Histórico do Exército", which displays much of the old military defense mechanism including gun rooms and other installations. Fort of Leme is located at the other end of the beach and is another historic site worth a visit. It is located on a hill and offers a fantastic aerial view of the beach.

Copacabana provides the perfect romantic setting, so don’t miss an opportunity to take a walk along the beach or promenade during sunset. Drop by Modern Sound, a music store cum café and enjoy an evening with some live band entertainment. Amarena, is an ice cream parlor along the beach front that offers a delicious treat of fresh ice cream.

You must visit the Copacabana Palace Hotel even if you cannot afford to lodge or dine there. The beautiful and glamorous building is a sight to behold. The Bar do Copa offers a varied program every night. The Pergula and Cipriani restaurants are open to the public as well. If you can save up some cash the Copacabana Palace Hotel is worth visiting for a once in a lifetime experience.

You can embark on a helicopter ride over the Tijuca Forest which leads up to the Christ the Redeemer Statue for a spectacular aerial view of the region. Remember to take along your camera and camcorder to record the beautiful scenery. The helisight tour facility is located on the west side of the lagoon so go on over for an incredible ride.

Copacabana’s Culinary Hotspots

Most of the sophisticated restaurants in Copacabana are located in the hotels. Le Pre Catelan, a French cuisine restaurant at Hotel Sofitel is among the best places to taste some of the finest Brazilian cuisine.

The Italian restaurant Cipriani at the glamorous Copacabana Palace has a wonderful ambience and overlooks the magnificent pool area. Keeping up with the hotel’s luxurious interiors, the restaurant has a high ceiling, crystal chandeliers and offers candlelight dinners for those seeking a romantic atmosphere. The menu offers an array of culinary delights so be sure to have at least one meal here.
The sushi bar Taiyou at JW Marriott hotel serves excellent Japanese cuisine in a cozy atmosphere. Several alternatives can be found at Nossa Senhora de Copacabana Avenue such as Aipo & Aipim, Frontera and Estação Sabor among others offer a varied buffet. Big Polis and Bibi Sucos are good options for snacks, fast food, juices and plenty of dishes made from the famous Acai Berry.

You can’t miss a visit to Cervantes, which is famous for its delicious sandwiches. It stays open until late at night to cater to the party goers. The menu offers 29 different sandwiches all of which are made with the special bread of the house and garnished with pineapples, which are a staple in the menu. You can order your sandwich without pineapples if you choose. The service is excellent, making it a popular hotspot. It is located at Nossa Senhora de Copacabana Avenue near Leme district.

Copacabana Beach is the highlight of any Visit to Rio de Janeiro

Accommodation in Copacabana

More than fifty percent of the hotels in Rio are located in the neighborhood of Copacabana. Hotels such as the legendary Copacabana Palace Hotel have the most extravagant and luxurious accommodation with beautiful city views and impeccable service. It is famous for playing host to various celebrities, dignitaries and government officials. The Magic Ball at the Copa is among the most sought after events during the Rio Carnival.

The Sofitel (Accor chain), is another high end hotel known for its beautiful design and first class service. Every room has a balcony which overlooks the sea so you are guaranteed a spectacular view. 

JW Marriott maintains its renowned standard of service in the beautiful property at Atlantica Avenue. It has modern and well equipped apartments which are classy and functional.

If you are looking to spend a little less but still want some of the luxuries then the Olinda Othon Classic, is a good option. The new Arena Copacabana Hotel, opened in 2009 with beautiful rooms and gorgeous views of the beach of Copacabana, is another hotel that is highly recommended.

Hotels which are not located by the sea are usually priced moderately.  There are many options such as the Portinari Design Hotel, Mar Palace and Copa Sul and Atlantico Copacabana. There are also hostel facilities in this neighborhood such as the Copa Hostel Che Lagarto and Clandestino, which are usually preferred by young travelers due to the relaxed atmosphere and cheap prices.

Practical Tips From a Carioca

"Shopping dos Antiquários" is a shopping mall located at the end of the streets Figueiredo Magalhaes and Siqueira Campos. It houses over 250 specialty stores and antique shops that are particularly famous. It is worth a visit especially if you are looking for unique souvenirs.

The district of Copa is divided into big blocks geometrically so it is easy to find your way around. You can easily guide yourself by keeping the sea and the mountain as your reference points. Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana is the main avenue of the neighborhood. It starts in Leme and stretches until Arpoador. The avenue has a famous history. It is attributed to the urbanization of Copa as it was built for this purpose. It was also known as the road that goes to Our Lady of Copacabana as the road connects to the church of Nossa Senhora de Copacabana. The neighborhood of Copacabana borders Ipanema, Leme and Botafogo.

The largest and most famous New Year's’ eve bash is a much anticipated event at Copacabana Beach. The theme of the party is white symbolizing requests for peace for the next year.  Variations such as yellow, pink and green also are commonly worn meaning prosperity, love and hope, respectively.

Copacabana by night

To say that Copa has a vibrant nightlife would be an understatement. True to carioca lifestyle, Copa always seems to be in the party mood. Hordes of locals and tourists flock to the bars and nightclubs that dot the beachfront. Several bars like Botequim Informal and Belmonte offer cold beer and delicious appetizers. Branches of the Botequim Informal are spread all across the area and can be found on Avenida Nossa Senhora Copacabana at the corner of Republic do Peru Street and in Arpoador on Domingos Ferreira Street.

If you prefer a more relaxing atmosphere to socialize with friends then Mud Bug, a pub located at Rodolfo Dantas Street next to the Copacabana Palace Hotel, is the best option.  It offers a varied menu of beers from around the world apart from other drinks and appetizers.

Copacabana has some of the liveliest nightclubs on the planet. One of the most famous is Fosfobox, which attracts an alternative crowd and usually hosts theme parties. It is located at the end of Siqueira Campos Street. It features two bars, one being the more fancier bar that serves a variety of cocktails while the other is a simple street bar for those who like to enjoy the open air with a cold beer. You can expect to party on until 6 or 7 in the morning if you have the energy after dancing the night away.

Another option is Nossa Sem Hora, a well designed club, located on Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, on the second floor of Frontera, a well known restaurant.

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