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A Fortaleza Tour:
Transfer From Fortaleza to Jericoacoara on Road in 4x4, Private Tour and Guide Assisted

Departure from Fortaleza at 8:00 am in an off-road vehicle, heading towards Costa do Sol Poente. The journey from Fortaleza to Cumbuco is on paved asphalt roads. From Cumbuco on, the ride goes through the coast’s beaches, including Pecém, Taíba, and Paracuru. Next, there are 25 km of dirt road from Paracuru to Paraipaba, 10 km of paved road to Lagoinha, and a stop for lunch (not included). The trip continues along Guajirú, Flexeiras, Emboaca, Mundaú, and Baleia beaches. From there, the tour carries on directly to Jericoacoara on a paved highway and dirt road, passing Prea through beach before reaching Jeri.


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