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A Iguazu Falls Tour:
Gran Aventura Boat Same Day AR Falls, Seat in Bus Basis with Guide Assisted

The Great Adventure is unique, and combines the whole essence of the Iguazu National Park in one ride: the jungle and the waterfalls.It is offered daily every full hour, and the departures are from our Head Office or The Visitors Center. It starts by entering the jungle from the “Sendero Yacaratía” trail with special transportation that allows a panoramic view of the environment along with experienced guides that give a lot of explanations as well as the legend of this spectacular place. After an 8 km truck ride, we arrive at the Puerto Macuco Base, which is 100 meters away from the Infirmary and Service Station, and 100 meters of stairs ahead is the floating platform where the second part of this ride begins. With motor-boats, we take visitors 6 km through the Canyon of the Iguazu River, until the falls, from these total, 2 km are river rapids. After enjoying the view from the calm side of San Martin Island we sail to the “Tres Mosqueteros” waterfall, at that point, the Brazilian and Argentinean sides and the Devil’s Throat can be clearly appreciated. After that, we sail along the shore of the island until we get to the most exciting part where we face the San Martin waterfall, a wonderful and unforgettable experience, for it’s the largest waterfall any motor-boat can approach safely. The landing is at the base of the lower circuit where visitors reintegrate the trails.

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