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A Manaus - Amazon Tour:
City Tour w/ Opera House, Half Day, Private Tour with Guide Assisted

We will visit the Municipal Market, built in the beginning of the 20th century. Inside the impressive building, we will find a variety of regional products including fish, fruits and herbs. Afterward, we will pass by the Government Palace and view the nearby creek with its typical houses built on stilts. We will then visit the Floating Dock in Manaus, which is deeply connected to the cycle of rubber and, in recent years has undergone great changes, held in order to make it competitive and suited to the demands of globalization. Our final destination is the Amazon Opera House, the primary symbol from the golden ages of the rubber boom, built in 1896. With the help of a recent restoration, the building has kept the splendor of that epic period. Please note that the Museum and Opera House are closed on Sundays and holidays. Duration: 4h

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