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A Manaus - Amazon Tour:
Anavilhanas Cruise, Full Day, Private Tour with Guide Assisted

Traveling by speed boat we will head up the Negro River to Camaleao Island. From there we will travel to Paricatuba, visiting the ruins of the fort where the first workers who came to extract the region’s rubber lived. We will then continue to the Ponta do Tatu and Araras Lake, where there is a small waterfall (only visible during the dry season) and wonderful opportunities for swimming. In the Jaraqui Lake we will go for a walk in the forest and visit the locals houses. Back to the Rio Negro, we will reach the Anavilhanas Archipell, an ecological reserve with 400 islands. Afterwards, we will visit Terra Preta, which was once the home of an indigenous tribe. A delicious lunch will be served at the Ariaú Amazon Tower. We will then make a stop Tupé beach, which is another opportunity for you to swim before returning to our final destination in Manaus.

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